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The widest collection of gluten free breads

No gluten based flours 
Fresh flours made from nuts, seeds or millets
Great for kids, diabetics, ketogenic or low carb followers, and for everyone who care for their health! 

We use a lot of seed flours in Better Eat kitchen - single or blends. It's because these tiny things offer high-quality protein, heart-healthy fats, essential vitamins & minerals. They are much easier to digest than nuts. Plus, they have a much lower environmental footprint.

A quick reminder.

Gluten free is not just for those with gluten intolerance. Choosing gluten free, low carb staples every now and then will help you bypass

  • damages that gluten brings to gut and skin

  • post lunch lethargy that comes from carbs like rice and other grains

  • insulin spikes that simple carbs bring with them


Women also benefit from the hormone balancing effects of seeds. A simple search about "Seed Cycling" will give you more insights.


Talk to us to know more.

"I've been ordering from Better Eat for quite a few days... their breads and buns have made life so easy for me. They have also been a hit with my family members who do not do keto." 

Bhargavi Bhide

- Lives in a joint family that consumes Better Eat breads in spite of age or dietary differences 

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