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With NO REFINED flour or sugar or oil.

Yes. That's possible.

Yes. They taste great.

And yes. They're great for kids and elderly too.


Seed Breads & Buns

Our absolute special:




How are they different from other "healthy" breads out there?

   1. Made only with seed flour - so you start the day with loads of good fats plus protein and minimal carbs.

   2. No nuts in there too - so much lighter on the stomach.

   3. No strange, unfamiliar flavours - easy to pair with your favourite butters, jams. eggs, or curries. 

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Snacks Cabinet

Snacking, across cultures, means eating junk. From English tea cakes to Indian namkeens. 


Here’s the problem. We eat snacks everyday in some form. And you know what they say - “You are what you eat everyday!

What's the moral?

Keep the right snacks handy before your mom sneaks in that rusk or that pakoda with evening chai.


Sweet Spot


In the name of health, should we say a teary farewell to all things sweet? 


Nope! Not with Better Eat at your service.

We’ve nailed some swooning desserts that are great for your taste buds and for your waistline.


Sweetened with dates and dried fruits, or with proven safe zero-calorie sweeteners like Stevia. 


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Low Carb & Paleo

Keto & Vegan Options

Good for all age groups

Delivered fresh across Pune within 24 hours