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Low Carb Desserts

Desserts sweetened with fruits or dried fruits in moderation. 

Looking for a Low Carb Birthday cake? You've come to the right place.
Let's talk to combine your favourite flavours into the healthiest, lip-smacking cake possible!

A quick reminder.

Amongst the first ways of maintaining good health is to avoid high sugar fluctuations - even if you do not have sugar or diabetes.


Because dried fruits have low to moderate Glycemic Index (insulin response), they work well as nutrient dense, low-calorie sweeteners. They are ideal for all age groups and you will benefit from using them - in moderation - to sweeten your desserts instead of sugar, jaggery, or honey. 


Feel free to talk to us to know more.

"The Pumpkin Seed and Date cake is my absolute staple with evening chai. I usually crave for something sweet in the evenings so a slice of this cake saves my day. And surprisingly my husband - who isn't experimental with food - loves it too!" 

Nisha Singh

- Eats regular home food. Avoids sweets. Eats a cube of dark chocolate or a Better Eat dessert to avoid cravings. 

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