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Keto Desserts

Desserts sweetened with natural, zero-calorie sweeteners. Keto-friendly, diabetes friendly, and safe for everyone at home. 

Looking for a Keto Birthday cake? You've come to the right place.
Let's talk to combine your favourite flavours into the healthiest, lip-smacking cake possible!

A quick reminder.

Thankfully, we live in a world where safe, natural, zero-calorie sweeteners are a REAL thing. Natural sweeteners like stevia, monk-fruit, erythritol keep sugar spikes at bay and in moderation, are actually good for us.


So why don't we hear about them often? Because they are expensive. Brands selling diet sodas, sugar-substitutes etc use Sucralose based sweeteners. They're horrible for everyone but they're cheap. In a world driven by corporate power houses, it doesn't make economic sense to talk about anything that doesn't serve the balance sheet.

Feel free to talk to us to know more about zero-calorie sweeteners.


"I'd put on a lot of weight after I delivered. And with constant sugar cravings I had lost hope of shedding it. But then, I discovered Better Eat. I started ordering 1 dessert a week and ate a small portion every day. Nothing sweet besides that. And, I lost my first 2 kgs in a month of not doing anything except switching to desserts made from zero-calorie sweeteners." 

Priyanka Raole

- A new mother. Eats regular home food. Avoids sweets. Eats a small portion of Better Eat dessert with dinner. 

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