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Healthy food that tastes brilliant.

That’s the thought we obsess over at Better Eat.

I understand flavour. I think I get that from my parents. My wife understands matters of health. My sister has been baking since she learnt how to spell it. Together, we experiment with food, eat it, and share with our tribe.

Better Eat is a result of our successful experiments. It's a curation of some of our most favourite and best tasting recipes. Stuff we eat at home. Stuff in which we never include what we know to be bad for us.

As of 2021, we operate out of Pune only. Our speciality includes gluten free, low carb, and keto foods. Our customers range all age groups and dietary preferences. From people with medical conditions like gluten intolerance or diabetes, to those who just want to eat clean. From young mothers who rely on our naturally sweetened desserts for their babies to families who like bread for breakfast but want to restrict their gluten intake.


I'm Manish

My tryst with baking was really an attempt to scratch my own itch. As I crossed over to the other side of 40s, I started noticing niggles like indigestion after a slightly heavy meal, headaches after fried food, chronic pains here and there.  When I spoke about it, I was told ,"well, things change after 40s, you'll get used it." But... I didn't want to.


That's when I started to obsess over the science of health and longevity. Amongst other things, I discovered Dan Buettner's work on health and longevity. 

His findings about how certain kinds of food accelerate ageing and some kinds slow down the process of ageing really hit home.


The lessons from his work pointed me to my next passion project.


To cook and serve food that promotes lifespan and health span. And voila... in came Better Eat! Literally out of a book!

I do want to confess I'm still not as much of a health nut as I'd like to be. I have polished off a handsome quantity of mutton biryani after a long day at the Better Eat kitchen. No, the irony is not lost on me.


But... I'm definitely getting better at sticking to my 80-20 rule. 80% of clean, low-carb, nutrient dense food. That ensures I can handle the occasional gud-podis and mutton biryanis without an antacid or having to loosen my belt.

So, have my aches and pains reduced?


Even though I'm not medically gluten intolerant or a diabetic, just reducing intake of gluten, refined sugar and refined oil has drastically improved my digestion and gut health. And reduced my double chin. No..I can't muster the courage to put that photo up.

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